ICFMT Institute of Ethics & Morality (IIEM)

Indian Congress of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (ICFMT) came into existence with a humble start in 1989, with aim to promote simultaneous development of the specialty of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology. Since then this organization is making efforts in form of making a platform and putting together different people working in the field of Forensic Medicine, Forensic Science, Toxicology, Environment science, ethics and so on. Now, ICFMT is a registered body having its registered office at N-Delhi, India. The organization has not only provided opportunities for interaction between scientists to share their work and views but also creating awareness amongst general public on different aspects of Forensic medicine and Toxicology by organizing regular annual conferences, workshops etc. In the last executive and general body meeting held at PGI, Chandigarh, it was felt that there is a need for continuous up-gradation and adherence to medical ethics with fast changing medical scenario coupled with degenerating ethical values among medical fraternity. Therefore, a new chapter of ICFMT with the name of ICFMT Institute of Ethics & Morality (IIEM) should be started under clause 3(v) of MOA of the ICFMT, with the objectives of:

Scientific Meetings- IIEM shall be a co-sponsor of ICFMT to organize scientific meetings, conferences, workshop etc. in order to sensitize on issues related to medical ethics and enhance knowledge in this regard.
Award of Fellowship- IIEM Governing Body shall recommend for Fellowship of IIEM in Medical Ethics to one expert each year amongst the members of IIEM after considering the work, achievements and contribution of the member in the field of Medical Ethics.
Award of Membership- College shall award membership to those persons who are actively engaged in practice / teaching / research on medical ethics after completion of formal procedure.
Associate Members- Associate membership of the IIEM shall be conferred to the persons not directly engaged in the field of Medical ethics, but possess special interest in this field.
Awards and medals- in order to encourage persons engaged in the field of Medical Ethics, awards and medals might be given to the deserving candidates on recommendation of the IIEM Governing Body.

ICFMT shall elect a ‘Governing Body’ consisting of nine members including a President and eight other officials to control and govern the activities of the college. This Governing body shall appoint faculty to the IIEM to accomplish its objectives. ‘Executive Director’ shall manage the office of IIEM. The Governing Body of IIEM for the period 2005-2007 is as follows:


President : Prof.T.D.Dogra
Director : Prof. K.Vij
Vice-President : Prof. Atul Murari
Executive Director : Prof. S.K.Verma
Secretary : Dr. Adarsh Kumar
Members : Dr. Alexnder F. Khakha
    Prof. Nagesh G Rao
    Dr. Kiran Jadhav
Faculty : Prof. D.R.Kothari
    Prof. Walter Vaz
    Prof. R.K. Gorea